Scratch Master Rules

  1. A Scratch Masters event will be offered to all bowling participants competing in the DIGLIT singles, doubles and team events, who have not been an active Professional Bowling Association (PBA) member for one (1) year. Amateurs who have competed in a PBA event, but are not members of the PBA will be allowed to compete. The Tournament Director may re-rate a bowler into a higher division at his discretion with no additional fee required.
  2. An entrant’s All-Events score (sum of singles, doubles and team) is used to determine the qualifiers in each division and seeding for the Round-Robin Play. In case of a tie for the qualifying  positions, the winner will be determined by the highest scratch game bowled in the Singles, Doubles, and Team events.  If needed, the next highest score will be used to resolve any ties, and continue until the tie(s) are resolved.
  3. There will be four (4) divisions, determined by entering average. In the event that there are not eight (8) entrants in a division, the division may be cancelled. Those entrants will be given the option to move to the next higher division. If an entrant does not wish to move to the higher division, the Scratch Masters entry fee will be refunded. The Tournament Director may elect to allow a partial division to proceed in the competition with a majority agreement of the participants. The divisions are defined as follows:
    1. Division A: Averages 200 and above
    2. Division B: Averages 199 to 176
    3. Division C: Averages 175 to 151
    4. Division D: Averages 150 and below
  4. The top eight (8) qualifiers in each division will bowl one (1) match game against each of the other qualifiers (round-robin style). Seeding will be based on the entering All-Events score. If any initial bye exists it will be awarded to the highest seeded bowler. The winner of each individual match will be awarded thirty (30) bonus pins. In the event of a tie, each bowler will receive fifteen (15) bonus pins for the match in which the tie occurred. Play will be conducted PBA style where the bowler on the left lane will shoot one frame then the right bowler will shoot two frames, each alternating two consecutive frames until the match is complete. The highest seeded bowler in each match will have a choice of being the right or left bowler. In the event that a bye exists for any reason in a round, the bowler playing against the bye must shoot the minimum division average in order to be awarded the thirty (30) bonus points.
  5. At the completion of Round Robin play, the top four (4) bowlers in each division will compete in a step ladder round (Finals Round) where 4th place bowls against 3rd place, the winner bowls against 2nd place, the winner against 1st place (Championship Match). The Championship Match will consist of a two game competition, with total pins determining the winner, while the other matches shall consist of one game only.
  6. Payout will be 100% of the entry fees, less lineage, and will pay at least the top four finishers in each division.
  7. Scratch Masters check-in will begin thirty (30) minutes following the completion of the team event on Sunday, June 25, 2017 at Sonesta Lanes for all Divisions. A bowler who is not checked-in at the scheduled time will be disqualified and an alternate will replace the qualifier.
  8. Bowlers will be allowed (10) minutes of practice before the first Round-Robin match. No practice will be permitted in the following four (4) Round Robin matches. Each Finals Round match will be allowed five (5) minutes of practice. Finalists who are waiting for a match will be provided a practice lane.
  9. Any claim of error in the roll-off competition must be submitted before the start of the next match. In case of an error in the final match, any claim of error must be reported within fifteen (15) minutes after the end of the last match.
  10. Any issues not covered by these rules shall be resolved by the Tournament Director, whose decision is final.